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Recent Exhibitions

Sensing Summer


3 December 2022 - 22 January 2023

Exhibitions of Australian artists will continue to be held at The Gallery @ The Royal.  

We are thrilled to be collaborating with our Resident Artist, the exceptional Joan Blond, Throughout our changing exhibitions will will also bring you exhilarating works from other artists that will most certainly spark joy in a new world that yearns precisely that.

The Gallery is open


Fridays & Saturdays 11:00AM to 5:00PM

or by appointment.

Life is short - buy the artwork!


Our online shop showcasing the sensational artwork on offer is now open

Jud Keresztesi

Resident artist, Joan Blond, is a renowned Australian abstract expressionist and contemporary artist. Joan grew up holidaying in Queenscliff and has spent much time there with family. Her works are constantly exhibited throughout Australia and are tightly held by collectors across the globe. Found in collections in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, and more, you will be amongst good company.

Joan’s works have featured on The Block and in national magazines including Home Beautiful and House & Garden. 

Joan has collated a series of works referencing the Bellarine Peninsula specifically for our local collectors, but you’re going to need to be quick as her works are snapped up in a heartbeat..

Jane is an abstract artist who spends her time between Warrnambool and Melbourne creating colourful, thought provoking pieces showcasing her passion of colour and expression.

Jane paints from within, from emotions and life experiences giving a sense of freedom for which Jane is extremely grateful.

Jane hopes that through her art, the viewer will be moved emotionally and connect with the painting finding a sense of peace and joy.

Adoring all things colour, its like the colours have their own energy as they conjure themselves onto the canvas.

Jane’s colourful abstracts can be found in galleries throughout Australia.

Aliki K Artist

Aliki K is a Melbourne artist who, in a previous life was formally trained in fashion design earning her Bachelor of Art in fashion and working in the fashion industry as both a designer and buyer.

Aliki has taken this passion and her experience working with colour, trends and design and applies it to her beautiful art to create a style that is is free flowing, intuitive, colour driven and full of spontaneity.  

Her love of architecture, nature, textiles and interiors also informs her artwork which she creates from her small creative space in inner Melbourne.

Aliki's art is sold and exhibited in various galleries and interior retailers across Australia

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